Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Picnic Guide

It's a picnic kind of day today. In fact it's the first time all year I've gotten up and looked out the window and thought about a picnic. It was a good feeling knowing that there will be only more and more days to come like this one. Below you will find a quick guide from Country Living for a no-hassel picnic. Here's to a beautiful spring weekend with friends and family! Cheers!
Step 1: Keep it easy. Picking a food theme — pastries, fruit, and iced tea
or wine, cheese, and bread — can help simplify the menu.
Step 2: Be prepared.
Choose ready-to-serve foods to reduce prep work. Sandwiches, whole fruit, and
individual-sized desserts are ideal.
Step 3: Stock up on drinks. Thoroughly
chill your beverages before pouring them into thermoses to ensure they stay cold
and refreshing.
Step 4: Stay cool. If you're not planning to eat right away,
pack mayonnaise-based dishes in a cooler to maintain proper
Step 5: Add memorable touches. A small pot of buttercups makes
a charming, low-maintenance centerpiece that complements a simple meal.
ready: Keep a blanket and supplies in the trunk of your car and you'll be all
set for an impromptu picnic whenever the mood strikes. In your kit, stash a few
inexpensive plates and cups, along with Tote Le Monde's handy Kahala Placemats,
which feature slots for your silverware
Written by Elizabeth Roehrig for Country Living


  1. I love that first image. Lunch on the jetty. So pretty. Imagine that at night with Chinese lanterns strewn about and fairy lights on the tree. So lovely!

  2. oh, I wish we had picnic weather here! it is so grey and miserable! at least looking at your photos makes me want to have a picnic! :)

  3. hey Sarah, thanks for joining in the 'pay it forward'! :)

    please send me your address to and I'll get your little gift off to you!


  4. man, that first photo on the dock is just wonderful! Thanks for the great ideas! xo