Monday, December 3, 2012

Jen's Christmas Jubilee!

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to score an invite to my dear friend Jen's Christmas Jubilee Party. I would compare it to that kid from Willy Wonka scoring the last "Golden Ticket" on my level of excitement. After all seven of us ladies arrived and were introduced we had lunch and got right down to business but not before I snooped around Jen's beautiful cottage snapping a few pictures. 

Jen had meticulously set up a craft station heaven filled to the brim with more glitter, ribbon, bells, tinsel, and cute deer than one person should ever be in possession of. It was cute overload to the extreme! 

Our first project was  a sweet diorama. I ran out of room on the inside of mine so I began gluing things to the top- I couldn't help myself with the cuteness of available materials. 

Our second project was this sweet little snowman guy shown here in progress. Again by the time he was done I had attached everything but the kitchen sink to him. 

My little diorama eventually found a home on our tinsel tree. 

It was so much fun I already cannot wait until next year. You can read more about the party over here on Jen's blog, {The Cottage Nest.} Thank you again Jen for such a special day!


  1. Oh, girl. I can't take the crafty cuteness! That Jen knows how to party!

  2. I can't believe I'm just now seeing this! I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! I loved every moment!