Monday, December 31, 2012

5 goals for 2013

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify: This year we paired down Christmas and it worked well for us. Sure there were fewer presents under the tree even with the addition of one more little person but it felt just right for us. It also took away some of the financial stress the holidays can sometimes bring. We tried to stick to this idea of "something you want, something you need; something to wear and something to read." I may have padded that outline a little bit and also added something "made" for each of them. I hope to carry on this kind of simplified and more purposeful living especially around birthdays and holidays into the New Year.

While we're on we're on the subject of simplicity...

"Everything in your house should bring you joy or bring you purpose."

I love this cut and dry, black and white way of measuring things up. I've got some early spring cleaning in my future.

Keep on learning: Knitting makes me feel so good mostly because I love the accomplishment of learning something new. Just because we're through with school doesn't mean the learning and growing should stop. I want to keep challenging and surprising myself.

Grow my business. It's truly been a world wind flurry of activity since summer and I'm so grateful that things have taken off as strong as they have with Elizabeth Gray. It's a life long dream coming to fruition and I hope to keep it going and growing. I've recently allocated myself a proper office/studio space so I can better work from home. I want to keep inventory fresh as well as stay inspired and avoid the dreaded burnout.

I will work on finding more simple but yummy cooking recipes to add to the rotation. I love dishes that don't take much time or too many different ingredients but end up looking like they sure did. I've learned recipes doen't have to be complex to turn out beautifully and yummy.

Be kinder to myself. This one is always hard for me. It's the simple things I tend to to put off doing for myself more than anything that I'm talking about here. For example, I'll just say it- I have the worst heels on my feet known to man. They're like hooves really. Downright scaly, split and sometimes even painful yet I still only make the time to go and get a pedicure every six months or so. By the time I do make it there it's completely embarrassing and I sit there the whole time promising myself I won't let them get that bad again but I always do. So I will try to be kinder to my feet.

My girlfriend (Hi Melissa!) gifted me some of {this} awesome Shea Butter foot cream for Christmas so I'm off to a strong start! 

Whatever your hopes/goals/dreams are I wish you all a safe and beautiful New Year filled with all the love and joy in the world!!!


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