Saturday, July 9, 2011


Good morning! I know I've been a little scarce this week, quite frankly I just didn't have much to say. Been super busy just doing boring life stuff like catching up on laundry after the holiday weekend and hanging out outside a lot with Lucy. 

I do have some of this awesome low-fat banana bread baking in the oven right now. It's pairs so yummy with a morning cup of coffee or my favorite the 3 pm is it time for daddy to come home yet? cup of coffee.  You can find the easy recipe here

I also have great news if you want another chance to win a Shabby Apple Dress. One of my favorite people in the whole world is giving one away! You can visit her here.

I hope you all have a happy, relaxing, full weekend!

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  1. Awww. Ditto kiddo. Also? I have a lemon pound cake coming out of the oven in 30 mins.