Thursday, July 14, 2011

o' happy day

4 years ago today I was a super excited 25 year old. Nick in some sort of fit of craziness had asked me to be his bride. It was the perfect wedding for us, I mean there isn't anything I would change and I also feel blessed to say I feel the same way about  every second spent together since.

We're celebrating with a romantic home cooked meal after the little heads off to dream land. I'm fixing fettucini Martha style and baking the dark chocolate butter cake with raspberry sauce from The Farm Chicks cookbook.

Happy Anniversary love. You da' man. ♥   

this is a typical picture of nick. getting him to smile and look is like spotting big foot sunning himself on a beach in cabo.
for. real.


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  1. You 2 are so cute together! What a happy little family.