Tuesday, March 15, 2011

spring fevah

The new country living magazine that showed up at my door yesterday is just teasing me now. You see this will be the summer of fixing that jungle of a yard. By the time we moved in last July it was too far out of hand. We had to just wait until fall and cut, chop, saw, and mow it all down. Now that we've hopefully chased the last large snake away (seriously) the real work starts this weekend. I like simple and low maintenance landscapes so I ordered a few bags of grass seed from amazon and we're going to fill in some of these over landscaped areas. (note to other busy moms: I buy everything i possibly can from amazon, they don't charge sales tax, its usually the cheapest, and i don't have to leave the house)

we need a fence and after seeing this I'm highly considering something like it as opposed to a more typical option.

and not that this has anything to do with landscapes but the this is the living room of the home where the photos were shot. i thought the image is much prettier in actual print but you get the idea.

and one final image of rachel ashwell's lavender extravaganza she's got going on in her front yard. it's out of control amazing!


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