Tuesday, March 29, 2011

master bedroom tour

Lately I've been a little obsessed with just switching some things up around the house partly due to spring and also I think because we've been here about 8 months now and I'm just starting to get a feel for how I want things to really look. I love our master bedroom because of it's views. Every window has a view of lots of trees and the creek below- it's almost like a private little tree house. When we bought the house the room was painted a moss green color that made things feel smaller than they were. I kept the paint very light- Benjamin Moore in Seed Pearl which instantly gave it an almost ethereal feel- light and very airy. That Shabby Chic bedding from our old master was a perfect fit here too and I think the only new piece of furniture is the white captains chair in the corner. By the way I tried to keep the cats out of my shots but I was the one intruding on their turf after all so I just went with it.  

I de-pillowed the bed over the weekend opting for just two kings and a bolster I made from fabric found at Jo Anns. I love the sort of easy going look to it.

The vintage acrylic side table lamps were the Goodwill find of the year for me. I just added simple new shades to them. You can see why the cats love this room now, thats sweet Laya doing her morning bird watching. 

The antique blue bench was a local antique shop find from a couple of years ago.

My mom gave me the rug on the wall for Christmas. The doorway leads to a private patio that overlooks the creek- I can't wait till it warms up and we can sit out there and have our morning coffee.

A tv- yep I'm a huge tv and movie lover, I'll admit it. Silk pinch pleat draperies from JC Penny.

When we were looking at the house I was horrified by the mirrors on the closets but I think it was more the previous owners with their over sized and dark wood bedroom set- it seriously felt like there was furniture everywhere because of the mirrored effect. Now I love them and they make the room feel even bigger and brighter than if they weren't there. They also give it a bit of a contemporary edge that I crave in small doses. 

There is a hook in between the two closets and I like to hang my favorite "dress or top of the moment" on it. I know- maybe a little strange but stuff like that inspires me and it's just nice to look at. The old wood latter in the corner holds some of my scarves and hats.

That chandelier was there when we moved in and I've grown to really like it- it's just a touch of "grown-upness." I also like how the lines on it mimic the lines and color of my little sassy leopard stool.

Every couple of years my mom and I trade that chippy yellow antique side table back and forth. I think we've lost track as to who it actually belongs to at this point. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour!



  1. Such a pretty room. Love your lamps and that chandelier really is nice. I think displaying your dresses sounds like a inspiring idea. ADd's another touch of pretty!

  2. Gorgeous Sarah. Love it. I love that it's not matchy and it feels cozy and airy all at the same time. I'm going to look up that paint color. That looks like a Jen color!

  3. Your room is to die for! It has a very loose and effortless and totally perfect look to it. Love!

  4. I am loving the crisp white bedding =) Thank you for stopping in today! Cute blog! xoxo Shelli