Wednesday, February 23, 2011

treasure hunting we go

Wednesdays are one of my favorite days of the week. It usually involves a quick breakfast and a morning of knitting with my fab girl Jen. This week our knitting class as cancelled so we decided to drive to Midland Antiques in downtown Indy. I had't been there in about a year so I was pretty pumped. We had a great time. The merchandise was new (well new to us) and fresh but the prices were a tad inflated as seems to be the protocol there. We still had fun getting ideas for Jen's new place and swooning over some sweet pieces. The theme of the day really seemed to be about neat storage pieces. 

love the grain sack chair and wardrobe

ghost chairs around a fun retro table

this little leather stool was way cool

i was dying for this mantel, i've always wanted one in my bedroom

the mantle seemed to be priced fair

this was so awesomely bad i just had to share!

this booth was merchandised really well

one of these little flat files would be so handy for card stock and other specialty papers, i've also never seen one so petite but at $90 it was a budget buster

jen contemplating a sweet little table (i still say you go back for it girl!)

a beautiful french headboard

an amazing iron grain sack bench

a 12 place setting set of vintage Limoges! talk about a sweet wedding present for someone! at $250 I thought it was a bargain.

this little minty green wood locker would make for a great mini pantry or even wardrobe for a child's room

the rust green chippy metal stand was way cool whatever is was for. 

Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. What a treat! I love that leather sofa among a ton of other things.


  2. I cannot stop thinking about that white table. I might just have to go back for it. I feel sure I could find a nice home for it! I had a great time with you. I ALWAYS do.