Tuesday, February 1, 2011

reflecting and a shutterfly giveaway

I was never the girl who loved Valentines Day mostly because I'm a total type A with moderate expectations and it's one of those holidays where I can't control much. Rewind to a year ago I was 9 months pregnant and due on February 11th. At my weekly check up the week of my due date I was given the option by my OB to do an induction because she was going to on vacation the the following week- that and I was beginning to take on water fast. 9 lbs in that last week alone to be exact. So in true type A fashion of course I chose the induction and sweet Lucy Elizabeth was born on February 11 right smack on time. There was also another reason behind my decision though. You see my dad shares his birthday with a little holiday called Christmas. Growing up he never made a secret of his dislike for this timing. And while I'm not some Valentine fanatic I still thought every girl deserves a birthday and Valentine's Day separately to make her feel special every year if she so chooses.

inky little happy feet. we were so in love with the surprise birthmark on her leg.

Lucy was born on a Thursday and we came home that Saturday. Sunday was Valentines Day and for the first time I felt a real LOVE for that darn holiday. I'm talking sappy, happy L-O-V-E as I rocked my little girl that I had been dreaming about for so long. I have the memory of eating chocolate out of a pretty heart shaped red lucite box and reading through tired blurry eyes the sweetest card from her daddy while holding her all the while thinking how lucky and blessed we were. How can I not have mad love for this holiday from then on?


As for Shutterfly they are giving me 25 cards of my choosing on the house for sharing my sappy love story with you (which I would have put you through anyway closer to the big day) and I also get to give one of you 25 4x5 stationary cards cards too! Check out these links to their site to get great ideas and leave a comment here if you'd like a chance to win. I'll do a random drawing Friday. ♥ (ps I believe you can use them for any 4x5 stationary cards on the site not just VDay but don't hold me to it...)


  1. Oh, what a sweet story! I know what you mean about loving your little one--mine just turned one and she is such a fun, quirky, sassy little bundle of joy!

  2. Sarah! That is a beautiful Valentine's story. I don't have a single good Vday story or memory. Jim is very against celebrating it. I have many bad memories I could share with you!

    I just looked at Shutterfly and they have moving announcements. Hmmm...

  3. Such an adorable little girl you have. Love every minute with her. My boys are so big already and I really miss them being little. Seems like yesterday! I am so blessed to have them in my life!

  4. valentine's day is one of my favorites {even though i have never really had a "valentine"} Yes, love should be celebrated everyday but so should easter and christmas and thanksgiving... I think celebrating love is a beautiful thing. In my family {and now with my friend group} we make a big deal about showing the ones we love how much we love them. and as the beatles always say "love is all you need" ;)

  5. we have experienced an ebb&flow of sorts regarding valentines day...
    our wedding anniversary is feb. 10, so many years ago my hubby and i decided to throw out the 14th and pretend like it didn't exist, and then just focus on our anniversary...
    that worked for a while :)
    one year i got madder than a wet hen over the 14th, so my dear husband surprised me with an itunes giftcard and a musical valentine...
    now we've learned to just take one year, one milestone at a time and see what comes our way
    btw-next week is 16 years for us!

  6. awww, I'm so in love with the little newborn wrinkly feet!