Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ice ice baby

All day I have been silently praying this massive ice storm doesn't knock our power out, so far so good. Sorry I didn't post earlier it's been like a Saturday or Sunday around here with Nick home from work only we've been trapped inside and the little is beginning to show early signs of cabin fever. The count down is on to Part TWO of the RHBH Reunion too. I hope it's better than last weeks snore fest. Don't disappoint me Andy Cohen.

Until then I found these bleak, white, pretty, icy pics to brighten my day and hopefully yours. Cheers to Punxsutawney Phil- I hope you did your thing tomorrow and give us good news- this winter is turning brutal fast.

I was able to get some new pillow covers photographed and listed in the shoppe yesterday so check em' out if your bored like me ; ) Also I've got a great giveaway from Shutterfly planned for tomorrow as long as I still have power so stay tuned! 

*images via hopscotch & grace

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