Thursday, August 5, 2010

I have to admit I sat down and wrote the whinniest blog ever on Tuesday, lord am I glad I didn't publish that post. Things are much better now and progress has picked up quickly around here. The drywall went up and was taped and mudded this week in the powder room addition. I spent last night painting it and the tile guy will be here today. My mom wants to take the tile class at Lowes with me so we can learn to do this ourselves. I would love to redo the tile in other places in the house so that might be fun this winter. 

The electrician will be here some time this morning to hook the toilet pump up and the plumber will be back tomorrow with our favorite contractor Stan to set the toilet and install the vanity/sink. I was a little bit broken hearted when they told me my pedestal sink just wasn't meant to be due to the existing plumbing but I'm sure the vanity I chose will look just as nice. 

Our guys are here painting the trim and walls on the first and second floor today, and I decided on the new carpet (I think.) Still waiting on the quote but if that goes as planned it will be laid by the end of next week. Then I will breath a huge sigh of finnnnnaaaalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I can't wait to really get moved in. Did you know tomorrow is Friday? Crazy right?!

the powder room elements:

a gold mirror for just a touch of glam


wall color: seed pearl by pratt and lambert

faucet by kholer (fairfax polished chrome)

 kentfield hazelnut glaze vanity

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