Tuesday, April 6, 2010

liberty on my lawn

I know I'm a few weeks late jumping on this bandwagon but god bless Target and there fun ways. They've done it again teaming up with Liberty of London for an affordable line that boasts everything from wellies to watering cans, from bikinis to cake stands I'll take it all! I casually mentioned to Nick one day that they had a super cute black and white watering can I was in love with and what do you know, the Easter bunny brought right to my door. I'm gonna gush for a second but sweet hubby can be so creative and thoughtful, he didn't stop there- he filled it with pretty Easter grass and all of my favorite Easter candy. Am I the only one that thinks Starburst jellybeans are like crack? Y-U-M! So anyway if you haven't been to Target lately I suggest a trip before this line is all gone.


  1. Yes, such pretty pieces! I saw them online and FREAKED OUT!!! So pretty!

  2. I called first thing in the morning the 1st day it came into the Target stores and had my mom go to one store while I went to another because I am so obsessed with L of L :)
    love all you pics...I found everything but the watering can ,I'm still looking for that.
    Thank God for Target.