Saturday, April 10, 2010

lasagna leftover pizza

Until Lucy is eating solid food and eating lots of it, I'm still cutting most recipes I make for Nick and I in half. Unfortunately the grocery stores don't sell the supplies like that. I made lasagna earlier this week and I had the following left over: half a tub of ricotta, half a pound of Italian sausage, a cup of mozzarella and half a jar of marinara sauce. What to do, what to do? PIZZA!

Find the pizza dough recipe here

From there divide the dough in half and freeze half for another day

Spread out the remaining dough on a non-stick pizza pan

Next brush on a liberal amount of olive oil covering the entire pizza

Spoon on leftover ricotta

Sprinkle on leftover sausage and mozzarella

Top with a dash of crushed red pepper, salt and pepper

Bake at 400 for 20-25 minutes

Heat up marinara and serve on the side for dipping.



  1. Looks delicious, I could live on pizza, especially one this interesting!!
    Have a great evening, hope little Lucy is well! she is so adorable.

  2. We love to make pizza and this one is going right on our must try list. I even have leftover Ricotta just waiting!