Wednesday, April 7, 2010

blooms at the table

I went all out with the tulips bulbs last fall and I'm so glad I did. God love my yard, just about everything grows great in it! I can't wait to pose little L with them next year.

We ripped out these old dwarf shrubs below Easter weekend that were half dead, leaning and crawling with spiders and old birds nests.

They were replaced with 3 pretty new forsythia bushes. Eventually they will grow in nicely and give us the same privacy we had with the old dwarf bushes but these are definitely much prettier to look at. We still need to add mulch to the front and back yard but we're waiting until the spring flowers are cut down- so much easier then!

And finally here is what my mom calls the stinky tree. While it may look pretty these blooms do not emit the most pleasant odor.

Any day now I expect the other tree in the front to bloom, it turns bright fuchsia- it's amazing all the color mother nature provides us. I love Spring! Next up: vegetable planting. I'm giving a go at new way of planting I haven't tried before and I can't wait to share it with you soon!

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