Sunday, February 7, 2010

treasure hunting

Nick and I are going to go treasure hunting here today. I've had pretty great luck there in the past. We snagged the above bench a couple of years ago for around $35. It was doubling as a coffee table for a very short period of time but we've since baby proofed our living room with the hounds tooth upholstered ottoman bench so this bench has found a sunny resting spot on the landing upstairs. I fell in love with it's dusty light grey-blue original paint. Usually when we go to Midland I'm on the hunt for something specific, not today though. Really it's more about just getting out of the house for a while before the big game tonight. I'll be sure and post tomorrow any gems I might find though. Happy Sunday everyone & GO COLTS!


  1. that bench is a true treasure.. wow!! Wish I could go hunting in places like this..

  2. Oh wow, what a steal! I have never gotten a bargain on furniture before. Some day...

  3. That bench is perfection. I would have snapped it up too. Can't wait to see what you picked up.