Tuesday, February 2, 2010

orchid diy

I picked up a Phalaenopsis Orchid ($12.99), a bag of moss ($3.99) and a bag of mulch ($3.99) all from Home Depot. The small pot was a Home Goods find for $3.99.

The directions said to fill the bottom of the pot with the largest chips of mulch so that's what I did.

Peyton wanted in on the action.

Next I pulled the orchid out of it's plastic container and all the mulch and dirt fell all over the counter so I stuck the orchid in the pot and filled it back in until it felt secure.

The final step was adding the moss. I decided to lightly dampen the moss in warm water as I placed it around the plant until it seemed like there was enough.

I read that this particular orchid likes indirect southern light so this was the perfect spot for it to go. (That's catnip growing in the pot on the floor if you were wondering)

Here she is up close. This should pacify me until spring.

I'm in no way an expert, this is my first ever orchid and I'm sure my potting method is cringe inducing to experts but that's why it's important to save your receipt. Home Depot guarantees their plants for a year no matter how green thumbed challenged you are. So take that Punxsutawney Phil!!!


  1. OH wow... I'm not one that should comment on this post.. coz I know nothing about plants really... but the orchid looks beautiful..

  2. Oh.my.gosh. I love that your cat is named Peyton! I was just thinking of picking up an orchid to cheer the place up. I need a little promise of Spring to get me through. Yours is beautiful. By the way, I love your stairs!

  3. I love orchids. This is stunning! I think I need to try!

  4. I love your furry little gardening assistant. :-)