Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First Lady Decorating Smackdown: Jackie vs. Nancy, Round 1

This is a great article by Nick Olsen for Domino Magazine. In it Olsen examines several rooms in the White House re-done by former First Ladies over the years.
"Most of us know the legend of Camelot where Francophile Jacqueline Kennedy saves the White House from dingy disarray with a massive restoration/ redecoration project care of Maison Jansen's Boudin. No other First Lady before or since could compete, right? Nancy Reagan, oft-remembered as spendthrift with a penchant for Chanel and astrology, spearheaded her own renovation (using private funds) including the entire second and third floors via her decorator Ted Haber, protege of Billy Haines. And it ain't as Dynasty-does-democracy as you might expect. Time to settle the score! First compare Jackie's powder blue dressing room."
Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest
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