Monday, January 28, 2013

What a great weekend! We got a lot done and did a whole lot of nothing, just our speed. I don't know about you but I think I may be one of the last people on earth without a smart phone. No IPHONE, Droid, Crackberry or whatever else kinds there are- I'm talking no access to the internet no nothing. I text that's about it and it's just the way I like it. When I worked my last fulltime job before having our first baby I had a Blackberry. It was linked to all my emails both personal and business. I couldn't stand being so connected.

On the weekends especially I'm grateful for being "unconnected." With the exception of doing a post for Elizabeth Gray I'm rarely on the laptop on the weekends. My friends will tell you I'm sometimes even notorious for not turning my phone on let alone taking it with me anywhere. They know not to be offended if I don't answer a text. We still have a landline so I know if it's important someone with either call me at home or call Nick.

Does anyone remember this quote from Before Sunset? It resonates with me even still....

"... [A]fter a while, my brain seemed clearer. I was writing a lot more... ideas I had never thought of took me a while to figure out why it felt, you know, so different. And then, one day, …, I realized that I had spent the last two weeks away from most of my habits. TV was in a language I didn't understand... So, all I've been doing was... walk around, think, and write. My brain felt like it was at rest, free from the consuming frenzy. And I have to say, it was almost like a natural high. I felt so peaceful inside, no... strange urge to be somewhere else, to shop... Maybe it could have seemed like boredom at first, but it quickly became very, very soulful. It's interesting, you know?"
That was CĂ©line, telling Jesse about a visit to Warsaw when she was a teenager. 
The third installment recently premiered at Sundance. Can someone please alert me when a trailer for it finally appears? I can't wait! 
When she talked about her brain being clearer and at rest it reminded me of the summer I spent {here.} No phone reception, no internet, no tv. You had all the time in the world to just create and be with your thoughts. It was amazing.
Anyhow each to there own right? Lord knows I still love to read my blog feed and Pinterest has inspired me so much. 
Hope you have an amazing week!


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  1. That picture is awesome! I think when you have a smart phone you have to set boundaries for yourself. Mine is not set to ding for emails. Jim's is. He has no boundaries and is actually quite driving me crazy since he finally got a Blackberry. I may have to hide it from him.