Friday, January 18, 2013

Duvet DIY

I have been searching for a duvet cover for Lucy for quite a while. I couldn't find one that I really loved for less than the price of about 2 weeks worth of groceries. Crazy town! So I got to thinking how hard could it be to make one? After all isn't it really just a giant pillowcase?

I looked up some tutorials on Pinterest and I learned that all I really needed were 2 flat sheets (twin). I hopped on Ebay and found a perfect flat sheet for the front. For the back I used a light blue sheet the we already owned- it paired perfectly with the print on the Ebay sheet. I simply ironed the heck out of the sheets (easily the longest part of the whole process), then pinned them together on 3 sides and sewed around. For the bottom closures I decided to go with 4 squares of fabric Velcro. It was easier at the time than trying to figure out the buttonhole attachment on my sewing machine.

I love the result, it was exactly what I couldn't find but wanted from the stores and best yet the whole project only cost me $9 for the sheet including shipping. Lucy just loves it too- she looks so cozy burrowed underneath all of the new mooshy, soft goodness. I will definitely be making more of these babies in the future!

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


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  1. Well, of course sheets! What were we thinking? I couldn't love it more!