Monday, September 17, 2012

busy bees

You know your blog is slacking when your husband sends you this text "gurl you need to update that blog of yours...." The busier I am the less time I have to feel guilty about my lack of posts. That said though I really do enjoy it, it's just been such a crazy fun time around here.

Lucy headed off to her first day at MDO last Friday. I know it's only one morning a week but I still miss her. I was so proud of her though- she took to it like a duck to water and fit right in.

Gray turned 6 months. He's thriving and doing so well with hitting all his milestones. He's the happiest baby. Actually both our kids were such happy, good babies- I'm sure they'll get us back in their teen years lol! 

I've been running up to Elizabeth Gray at least once or twice a week to restock. These are a couple lovelies I'm taking there this Wednesday.

It's been so worth all the craziness just hearing all of the sweet and positive feedback I've been getting from complete strangers. The simplest act of a few kind words can really go a long way in the morale department. 

Nick's been so supportive too, hanging out with the kiddos most of Sunday so I could crank out a ton of work.

If you're local come and visit us at Elizabeth Gray {here}. The city of Carmel, IN where our shop is, is hosting a huge arts festival this weekend- it should be a great time! Also look for out interview coming out tomorrow in the Current in Carmel paper under the "Now Open" section. Thanks to Derek at  Current for giving Elizabeth Gray a shout out!

If the weather gets sunny I'd like to photograph and share some updates to our home. It can't be all work and no play around here!

Have a happy Monday and a fabulous week!


  1. How cute does she look with her school bag? So lovely. Grace has her first day at pre-school today.. good times!

  2. Love the first dayof school photo! Such beautiful stuff in your shop!
    Enjoy your Tuesday~