Friday, April 13, 2012

the state of things

Here we are- another week whizzed right by me again. They go so fast but at least I feel like we get quite a bit done all things considered. Lucy is finally getting over her ear infection that left us all in a fog for a week just trying to muddle through having a newborn and a sick toddler. I finished painting her antique cradle for her "baby", rearranged some of the furniture in her room- it always bugged me where her bed was, went through a pile of mail and cleared off the entry table, painted the inside of the hall closet and cleaned it out and tackled the backed up laundry pile. 

Last weekend we were cleaning out the garage and I uncovered my old dresser. I actually had this in my childhood bedroom, then during my bachelorette days I painted it turquoise to match my Marimekko bedding. I dragged it inside last night because I'd really like to paint it again and find a good spot for it. I knew the only way I'd do it is if I was confronted with it sitting in the middle of our downstairs hall so there it is. It has a large mirror too but I doubt I'll use it. 

Lucy has spent a leisurely morning with her watercolors. - lucky!

I've had a pot of this good smelling concoction simmering for the past couple of hours. It's rosemary, sliced lemon, and vanilla.  Bring it all to a simmer and add water when needed. A great natural deodorizer! 

So those are the state of things around here. I'm super excited for a much needed date night tomorrow. 

Wishing you a happy and blessed weekend!

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