Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter greetings!

What a week! Lucy caught a nasty little bug that turned out to be a double ear infection. I'm so glad I decided to take her to the doctor on Friday and didn't wait it out. It's so funny but I swear any time a holiday or birthday comes around someone seems to get sick. Is it just us this happens to? 

Despite her not feeling well we all still had a great Easter. It was good family fun all day and we were reminded at how grateful and thankful we are to have each other.

On Friday while Lucy napped I had some time to put away my laundry. I propped Grayson up against the pillows on our bed so he could "watch" me. One minute he was WIDE awake and the next thing I know I hear the distinct sound of his snore and look over to see this:

He must have slowly transitioned onto his side into what he found to be a more comfortable position. Going back to his snore- it's hysterical. Nick likened it to that of a Pug. He's pretty much dead on in that assessment. Our sweet little Pug pup. 

Wishing you a blessed and Happy Easter!



  1. Happy Easter to you! Lovely photo, he looks perfectly snug there. Chocolate is a wonderful thing - Grace napped 3 hours yesterday leaving me and Matt the Husband to watch a film. Wonderful!

  2. How sweet does he look? Little snore baby! Your Spring bed looks perfect. I'm wishing I had some bedding to switch out to also. I'm glad you had a good Easter Sarah! Hope the sweet girl is feeling better today.