Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sew fun

I had a major urge to sew this weekend. A new Joanns location opened up nearby and I finally got to go. While I was browsing the fabric I decided on making the baby a pillow cover for his rocker and then a blanket. I'm totally obsessed with seersucker for the little man. It's just so cute and preppy. 

I used my silhouette machine to cut out the template for the anchor and traced it on some scrap canvas I had. I love the blue against the grey knit throw.

And here's his blanket. It's so cozy. I will say that dot chenille is a bit challenging to sew because it has lots of stretch to it. It wanted to pucker a lot- I suggest tons of pins! The whale print is in a soft flannel. 

And of course I'm learning slowly you can't make something for one child and not the other so Lucy needed one too. 

I should have made her one a long time ago, she loves it. 

I could sew and and sew and sew. I've enjoyed it so much lately. There are a couple of skirts and dresses I'd like to make L this spring. I'd love to take a class someday to learn more about my machine.  I swear it's one of the best gifts Nicks ever given me. Does my man know me or what? 


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  1. I know I left a comment on this post the other day but it's not here. I can't wait to see those new projects (and the little guy) in person soon. Love the fabric on Lucy's new blanket and the whales are adorable. I seem to be on a whale kick lately!