Monday, August 22, 2011


It's smellin' like chili up in here. God I love slow cookers. They're so magical.

We spent the weekend giving up our last spare room to make way for baby. This is a challenge for Nick and I as we've never had a house (with the exception of our first apartment) where we haven't had a spare room for overflow - a dumping ground if you will. It's good for us I guess, it's forcing me to sell off a ton of stuff on Ebay to make room. I never knew I had so many dang linens. And why is it the linen closet is always the tiniest one in the house but it's responsible for holding all of the towels, seasonal bedding for multiple bedrooms etc..? Oh to design a house, I would make sure it has a kick-ass linen closet and at least two microwaves in the kitchen.

Do you know what's coming up? September! I declare September 1st the official day to begin fall decorating. I can't wait. I've even caught myself online Christmas window shopping for Nick and Lucy. Oh Monday you were good to me- Thank You!

My top nurseries of the moment from RH Baby.



  1. i have to say that i too am a crock pot super fan.

  2. I love coming home to the smell of my crock pot cooking! :)