Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... you hear that? It's the sound of very loud crickets around here. I'll fully admit to just plain lurking lately. Oh yes I've been around every day soaking up the eye candy and creativity I just think I've hit that infamous blogging wall temporarily and the truth is I'm not sure I'm really quite over that hump. And as long as we're being really honest this post was for yesterday but I got about as far as the previous sentence and the everyday got in the way- it was a Monday after all. So I've struck a deal with myself to not feel bad anymore if I don't post on a daily basis or maybe sometimes not  for week in a row even. That said I can relax again now. 

Moving right along raise your hand if you can't wait to bid September adieu. Right here, this girl! I love October, partly for the selfish reason that it's my birthday month. Yeah that's right I'm one of those people that usually tends to extend their birthday from one day to at least 1-2 weeks. But also because this weather is the bee's knees. I actually had to activate the heat in our house yesterday. I love that smell the first couple of times a season you turn on the heat. Heat= cozy in the fall/winter.  

My girlfriend gave me this awesome book a couple of years ago and I recently cracked it open again to help me climb out of my cooking rut to prepare for Fall. LOVE this book!

Rut? What rut? I've got a pot of this in the slow cooker as we speak. 

We also hauled two tubs of outgrown/ summer clothes out of little L's closet over the past weekend to make way for warmer cute duds such as this one. (note: I bought the matching adult version because I'm that corny.)

 I'm still hard at work at some finishing touches around the house. I ordered the drapes from Ballard last week for the 4 seasons room and I'm chompin' at the bit to get them. Not my usual m.o. for design but that makes it kind of exciting.  

All that said there is still lot's of crafting, Halloween costume making, Christmas shopping, pumpkin picking and baking to dive into as well! SO excited two have a little one to share it all with this year. 


  1. First off, I was wondering where your posts have been. Secondly, I like that you celebrate your "birthday month", Thirdly, I am glad you like the cookbook (I am also in a cooking rut), Fourthly, that is a really cute sweater. Where did you get it? Fifthly, I also looked at those drapes and thought they were really cute. Sixthly, well, that is about it.

  2. Girl. I hear you about the blogging. I feel overwhelmed by life right now. There is so much going on around me that it can be hard to put a post together. And then I feel guilty about the people that come and visit and I feel like I need to recipricate and it's so time consuming and did I mention that I have so much going on around me right now? Ha!

    Love matching my little one. I'd borrow her clothes if I could. Love October too. It totally rocks. Love your apple crate shelf. Love your curtains although they are also not something I would normally thing of for my house they are spunky.