Friday, September 10, 2010

fall mantel

It's Friday already? Works for me. After Labor Day I feel that it's officially OK to begin breaking out the fall decor. Being in a new house it always takes one full year before I'm use to decorating for the seasons so I'm sure the mantle will evolve a bit more but here's what I have so far. 

I whipped up some festive burlap bunting with some hot glue and jute. The plan is to add "Fall" to it when I get a chance this weekend. 

The jute strikes again wrapped around a pair of glass candlesticks. 

On a side note we picked up this little piece of art on our recent trip to South Haven. I thought it was perfect for out family room!


  1. Love your mantle! I don't have one and I didn't think much about it til just this minute! Now I miss it. Yours looks great and love the jute, the lovely texture of it. Your new artwork is wonderful! Perfection!

  2. love the "if you're happy and you know it." what a treasure!

  3. Loving the jute around the candlesticks idea.

    Just finished reading your kitchen reno and my jaw dropped when I got to the part stating you painted those cabs. Wow! I thought they were brand new. What an amazing transformation. Never seen an over-the-door towel bar. That is very cool. Must find one of those.

    Please stop by, we're giving away a super Roxy girl's bedding ensemble for "Giveaway Friday"! $100. value.

    Jane T. visiting from frugal friday.