Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beautiful Sunrise

Shutters diffuse light and match the house's Cape Cod style. Chair and ottoman
(similar to shown): Arne Norell vintage 1stdibs.com
Photo by Max Kim-Bee February

Kehoe suggested stripping the Eastlake chair, originally a dark mahogany,
to make it seem less bulky. Desk (below): Gerald McCabe "Vitric" $6,500
Gallery (310) 854-1033 Mirror (similar to shown): Johnston Casuals
$299 csnmirrors.com Basket: African woven $85 Lost & Found (323)
Photo by Max Kim-Bee February 2009


I picked up the second to last issue of Domino yesterday on clearance for $1. I was a casual Domino reader- I read enough to be sad when Conde Nast decided to do away with it. Ever since I read the spread on Sunrise Ruffalo I haven't been able to get something she was quoted as saying out of my mind.

"I love how leather looks with oily fingerprints on it," she says. "But I don't use tons of white. You know, throw pillows can cover up a lot: You don't need plastic surgery if you can cut bangs and use lip liner!"
Its so true! Hmmm bangs maybe..... I definitely love her bedroom desk set-up. I will be mimicking it as soon as the right desk comes along. Happy Tuesday!

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