Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Behold: My amazing kitchen renovation...on a budget!

The Progression : Before

After... and beyond.......

Recession or not, I'm going to have a beautiful kitchen-I'm determined. I thought about it and while our house is only about 15 years old, I'd like to pose the question when is a house "not new anymore?" When is it ok to start tearing things out and making major improvements with out having to feel a little bit wasteful? I've always loved things that are not brand-spankin' new- things with character. If a fresh coat of paint can save an object from a landfill I'm game. I believe in responsible, chic & beautiful home improvement. 

Anyone who knows me will testify to my undying devotion to a good bargain. If it's not on sale I'm not buying. If I can't wheel and deal I'm not interested. All that said I thought it might be fun to document our kitchen renovation and maybe inspire a few people along the way to try the same in their homes. We bought our house last April 2008 and when we took possession the kitchen came complete with a suite of dated appliances, builder grade lighting, tired cabinet hardware, less than fabulous window coverings, and a truly jarring shade of red-orange on the walls. 

We started small taking on first the wall color, lighting & cabinet hardware. The fiery walls made way for a soft butter yellow and we replaced the light above the sink with a new fixture for less than $40. New cabinet hardware from Target set us back a cool $30. Next we replaced the stove and dishwasher and I got my fab new convection oven, but it took some effort to get a great price. We bought them from Best Buy and they were floor samples. They were in perfect condition and we got them for below cost-I peeked at their sales sheet. Floor samples are great for negotiation because stores need to move them fast and usually budget a loss for them. We also received free delivery and free installation because we bought them at the same time and spent over a certain amount of money. 

Yesterday I bravely decided the oak has got to go! I worked up the nerve after recently painting the powder room and master bath cabinets. So far so- FANTASTIC! I finished the cabinet group on the east end of the kitchen and we plan to finish the rest this weekend. It's so much more custom looking and my kitchen is starting to develop character that only a "older home" could possess. I'm so proud. 

We will top off the renovation with new counter tops, sink, microwave, and back splash. I will continually update and I pledge to stick to my modest budget- our kitchen will look like million bucks with some patience and creativity. 


  1. cool chalkboard


  2. this is awesome!... how have i not seen it before... oh, it's from february. this is exactly why i love that "you might like these stories" feature! congrats!
    how 'bout a new post with some more pictures! anything added? changed? regrets? never knew you couldn't live withouts?

  3. This is very inspiring because I also want to paint my oak cupboards and see you've done an amazing job. We purchased our home late in 2009, it's 134 years old! However, the main floor was totally gutted and remodeled about 25 years ago, so our kitchen is very outdated. I plan to paint the currently light gray walls a soft butter colour and the oak cupboards white and my accent will be a deep red/burgundy.

    Nice work, keep the pics coming!