Tuesday, February 11, 2014


My sweet Lucy it has taken me a few weeks to write this post. You see I've noticed something. About a month before your birthday each year I get sad. I find myself trying to hold on tightly to your current age. Its funny the way children are so excited to celebrate a birthday but us parents seem to mourn them- at least for a bit. Then I'm reminded of all the amazing milestones the previous year has brought you and I take comfort in knowing that the next year will surely bring even more.

Every morning you love it when I spritz your hair with rose water while I brush it out. You take comfort in having a dab of lavender oil on your tiny wrists at bed time. You pine all week for the cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings. Right now if asked you tell us you're favorite colors are pink and yellow. Lately you've taken a fast liking to playing with Gray- Daddy and I love to listen to the two of you make each other laugh. Coco is still your favorite doll and you still have her firmly planted under your arm when I check on you every night after you've fallen asleep. You stay up late flipping through your books and singing songs to yourself for hours until you wear yourself out. You like the idea of learning to read and are eager to do your little school lessons every day. You love all things Wizard of Oz and to have dance parties whenever possible.

You asked for records, a pink yoga mat, curvy board and Frozen "Elsa" Doll for your birthday this year. You were thrilled when all your wishes and more were fulfilled today.  You told us over and over today "this was the best birthday ever!" You are the bright shining star of a little girl I always dreamed of. You make us so proud every day with your love and kindness. I can't wait to see what the next year holds!

I love your Lucy- to the moon and back!

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