Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We lost our beloved Siamese mix Peyton on Sunday evening. I knew it was probably coming even though his vets had hope he would bounce back. A momma just knows though I think. He was only 9 so it feels pretty unfair he was taken from us. We believe he most likely had feline lymphoma of the intestines. His weight dropped dramatically in what seemed like overnight. He went from a chubby 14 pound cat to 9 then 8.5, then 8... A month went by and we'd run every test, tried every medication and still his weight and his appetite continued to decline. Sunday evening it became clear to us that he was ready to be at peace so Nick scooped him up to take him to the vet and we told Lucy daddy was taking him somewhere so he could feel all better but that he wouldn't be coming back home. She sighed and told him she'd miss him very much and kissed him a few times and then requested her bedtime books. As I was carrying her up the stairs for bed she told me again how much she would miss him and that was just the worst for me. She hasn't asked about him since but thats a 3 year old for you. I'm sure there will be more questions in the coming weeks but for now she's satisfied with our simple explanation.

Cheers to you big guy. You were always so friendly to everyone that came to visit. You were the only one of our pets that would get near the children and let them play with you. You had the prettiest big blue eyes and the loudest "motor." You loved to drink water out of the dog dish and you ate so fast you'd puke all over the house sometimes but we loved you all the same. You are sorely missed.



  1. You of course know I have tears streaming down my face. Goodbye sweet kitters!

  2. You of course know I have tears streaming down my face. Goodbye sweet kitters!

  3. Reading it made me tear up also. He was such a sweet guy.

  4. tears here, too. we love our pets so much, and i feel like people expect it to be an easy recovery, but it's not, is it? best to you.

  5. i'm so sorry!! we have lost beloved pets & it is just so sad.

    thinking of you and your family.