Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Gray!

We had a great day with our little guy! It started with a quick photo op to get his monthly picture in the white rocking chair. Then lunch with daddy, grandma, mimi and of course big sister Lucy. 

We love our grill cheese and tomato soup in this family!

 Lucy insists on stripping down to her knickers every time she has mater soup which she plowed through to get to the cupcake.

Gray dug right in to his cupcake and began chattering non-stop while he was eating like he was having a serious conversation with a long lost friend- it was adorable

When daddy came back home again after work we dined on pizza and then opened presents. The kids spent the rest of the night on the floor hopping from toy to toy until they finally settled in to watch a little Peter Rabbit before bed. I can't wait to bake him his birthday cake for his little party we're having for him Saturday. It will be fun to watch him destroy it.

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Grayson Nicholas. I'm so lucky to be your momma!

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