Tuesday, October 23, 2012


"No Grayson, Coco not a toy, Coco my best friend!" That's what I heard Lucy frantically tell her drooling baby brother the other day as he reached for the doll to know doubt use as his latest teething object. Lucy snatched up Coco before he could get to her and skipped off to the other room.

Lucy has never been attached to any of her toys. She likes them all but doesn't seem to notice or mind if one mysteriously vanishes {is donated}. She doesn't have a favorite lovie or blankie either so I didn't really think much would come of the simple little doll I made her for her second birthday back in February. Boy was I wrong. This doll and this little girl are almost inseparable. Coco's been through the wash so many times I've repaired countless popped seems and recently I had to replace her skirt which was lost somewhere in Saugatuck- if anyone sees it blowing down the street ; )