Thursday, April 7, 2011

april flowers

There is no stopping the Spring flower invasion in our yard. I can't say I'm surprised there are beautiful flowers popping up everywhere I just didn't expect quite so many. This being our first Spring in this house I wasn't sure what we would see growing and it's been fun to watch. We also laid down grass seed about two weeks ago in a huge area that had just been way over-landscaped. I was a little worried because it didn't seem like the seed was taking but after a solid rain the other day it just grew and spread like wildfire and thats so exciting! 

I cut a ton of flowers to shoot photos for the shop and after I was done I put a bunch in the powder room down stairs. We have to keep the door closed or one of the cats will chew on them but it's kind of nice because when you open the door to go in it's like the smell of Spring and Easter smack you right in the face in the most delightful way!

Happy Spring Thursday!



  1. I love good smells that smack you in the face. Also, your faucet. I love that too.

  2. Your bath is adorable - love the mirror and the little circles on the wall.