Friday, April 16, 2010

DIY: the book sling!

I ran across a super cute book sling tutorial from Penny Carnival earlier this week. I could hardly wait to try it out so I gathered the supplies and got to work today. It was super easy- I don't claim to be an expert on the sewing machine but I know enough to get by. I think all in all I got it done in about an hour and half if you include hanging time. I'm thrilled with the result and it looks so cute in Lucy's nursery. Total cost of the project including fabric, felt for monogram, dowel rods, and hardware was under $20. The possibilities are endless too- these could be scaled down and installed in bathrooms if floor space is an issue for magazine holders. You can find the tutorial I followed here. Be sure to check out her "Henny Penny Apron" too, I'm tempted to try that out next!

note: No, Lucy does not pass her time reading Martha Stewart Living or Coastal Living but until she knows how to pick out her own books I'll stash a little momma reading material in there too.

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