Friday, March 28, 2014


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Now that spring is finally here I'm so ready to pack away the warm weather clothes and set out on some adventures. 

I picked up {this} handy little roller ball a few weeks ago and it's a perfect spring scent. I also love how it fits easily into my handbag.

{This} is the best new thing I've made for dinner in a while. I grilled the chicken on a cast iron grill pan but as soon as it warms up I can't wait to make them all the time on the outdoor grill. The avocado cream sauce is to die for! 

I can't wait to watch {this} movie this weekend. 

I picked up a floral kimono at {The Rack} this week. It's officially part of of my Spring/Summer uniform. 

Our new favorite house {candle} **Thanks for the recommendation Melissa! 

I may give {this} a try..... I've heard good things. Let it be known though up front I'm the least coordinated person on the planet so I'm sure my family is in for a good laugh.

While I wait in what seems like a never-ending line at the library for The Goldfinch I decided to re-read {this} book. I first picked it up when it was published in 2005 and really enjoyed it. It's different this time around now that I've been watching Carol on RHONY for a couple of seasons. It sort of puts a fresh spin on it. 

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend 

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